17.03.08 vsSAC

SAC 104 - 114 SAS  Box




"It was a team effort. We had 33 assists. I thought David Lee was fantastic. I thought Manu was fantastic. Patty joined them, and I thought everybody else chipped in and did what they had to do with the 33 assists and getting up into them physically, defensively, after the first quarter. They took some pride in it. They wanted to win the game. I thought the whole team effort was fantastic. Patty, Manu and David were pretty special tonight."




"That was a really bad start by us. Once we started getting back on defense and making them score in the half court, I think we turned up the pressure a little bit. I think the key was Manu had a really good second quarter and at least got us within striking distance by halftime. Then the rest, we were able to take care of."

"In a perfect world, you don't get down by 28 or 29 points, but we're always going to keep fighting as a team. We have great team chemistry. It's not going to be a situation of finger-pointing or anything like that. Instead everyone is rallying around each other."


"I knew it was a big deficit. I didn't know it was 28. There was a moment there in the first half where there was no life, and we tried to find some sort of energy. This was a real character test I thought at halftime. We could have just laid down and gotten ready for a big one tomorrow night. We crawled back in it, and now I think it just goes to show the character that we have within the group, coming together and making sure we don't get embarrassed in our own building like that. In terms of camaraderie and how well we've come together off the court this season, I thought it was a good example of that in the second half." 



17.03.06 vsHOU

HOU 110 - 112 SAS  Box








"He’s been doing it a lot, so I don’t think it’s a surprise really. He’s a heck of a player, and he’s progressed every year that he’s been in the league, and he’s gotten to this point where he’s one of the premier go-to guys in the league. So, it’d be foolish not to use that ability."

"The block is what makes him special. "Obviously, the 3. You know, Harden makes 3s, Kawhi makes 3s, this guy makes 3s, that guy makes 3s, Steph [Curry] makes 3s, everybody does that. But I don't know who goes to the other end and does what he does. Not that many people on a consistent basis, an entire game, game after game. Kawhi wanted it badly and he went and he took it."

"We don't talk about MVP awards. We don’t talk about any awards. We don’t talk about championships. We just play the game. Everybody tries to do what they can to make the team better and whatever records or awards or wins that come, that’s the way it is."


"In clutch moments, he steps up his game. He plays at a very high intensity and a very high level throughout the game, but in the clutch, down the stretch when the game is on the line when you're down three, he just makes great play after great play."

"I hope [the voters] understand. I hope they see. It's not hard to see if you really watch. I think he's very much deserving of getting the MVP this season. The way he's playing, the way he's contributing on both ends of the floor. He's not the guy that just puts up 30 points and that's it. He makes huge plays defensively. So, to me, he's my MVP."


"I've seen a lot of basketball. But those two plays, back-to-back in a game like this, were truly impressive."

"I think it's a combination of things. He's very confident now and you can see it. Before, he was more introverted and waiting for things to happen. Then, he started to realize the type of talent he has and how important he is for the team. And, he knows he's going to have the ball. So, he's even trusting more teammates, waiting a couple plays and knowing we're going to play for him. That's something your confidence gives you."

"So, he's at that point he knows he owns the team; that we need him to do what he's doing to win, or to have a chance; and that puts you in a great mental spot."



"It was probably 3 minutes left in the game and I felt like I had the energy to be able to guard him still and just make things tough on him."



"I saw Timmy do it so many times. It’s almost like you expect him to do that. He’s our guy. Timmy did it for (19) years and brought us five championships. … I expect him to do that because we have high expectations for him."


"It’s not always pretty. Sometimes, I lose the game for the team not making any shots. Tonight I was able to keep pushing and make shots. I never lose my confidence out there even if I do miss 5 shots in a row or something. You need your confidence there at all times. You need your confidence there at all times or you’re not going to play. You’re going to fall into a hole and jst beat up yourself."




17.03.05 vsSLC  Full Game
SLC 119 - 113 AUS  Box

17.03.04 vsMIN

MIN 90 - 97 SAS  Box


7連勝! 大変お疲れ様でした。



"I work all summer and throughout the whole season at being prepared for the challenges I have to face. You've got to keep going and even if you play bad, you've got to keep pounding and going and going and not give up if you want to be that guy."


"I try not to praise Kawhi too much. He's getting paid to do that."


"After LeBron (James), he's the most dominant player in the league right now." 



"As I’ve played longer & longer, you understand those are winning plays."


"LaMarcus was outstanding. His defense in the second half on (Karl-Anthony) Towns was exceptional and it allowed us to get back into the game."



"The last couple games have taken mental toughness and just sticking with it. That's what we are going to need down the stretch and into the playoffs."


"We're thankful to be in. But that's not the top goal for us. We've got to keep working."


"We’re just thinking about ourselves really, not who we’re about to play against. Anybody could beat us."


 "I'm tired but I'm happy. Happiness overcomes the fatigue."


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