17.05.09 vsHOU (Game 5)

HOU 107 - 110 SAS  Box  (3-2)







"Manu is one of the all-time great competitors and winners, obviously, and he helped us do it again tonight."

"Manu reached back and gave us one of his Manu performances from past years. He was a stud. We actually went to him with Kawhi off the court. We went to him to generate some offense, and make some things happen. He did a good job, whether it was distributing or scoring. He was big for us."


"It was frustrating because I wanted to play. But I was happy seeing my teammates out there putting in a good effort and getting the win."

"It's going to be tough. They're a great offensive team. They're a bunch of competitive guys. They play great at home. It's going to be tough. It's going to be about taking care of the ball, playing confident and trying to minimize our mistakes."


"It was tough when we saw Kawhi kind of limping. We knew it was going to be a tough one. But they had it tough, too, and they're missing Nene, too. We really hustled down the stretch and made some good plays."

"Manu is the type of guy where he doesn't care about his points, assists or numbers. He just wanted to win the game. He did a great job, even at the end, blocking Harden on that 3-pointer. Who knows what would have happen if he had gotten that shot off?"


"I don't feel like I had a huge game. I felt better than the previous ones, that's for sure, but I guess the standards are a little lower than before. Of course, I felt good. I felt I contributed to the team, to the win. Of course, that makes you feel great, regardless of the stat line or how you felt."





"He's somebody that's important to us because he can go downhill. He can get by people and make things happen. I thought Jon did a fine job in Kawhi's absence."





17.05.07 @HOU (Game 4)

SAS 104 - 125 HOU  Box  (2-2)





"They did a great job, and our defense was pretty defective. I thought they drove it with purpose, found people, and we started the game really without an edge and getting beat in transition again, like we did in Game 1."

"For us, you know, our Bible begins with transition defense. If it's not there, we're just not ready to go. If you'd have seen the clips of our transition defense, you would have traded all the players and fired me by the end of the game. It was that bad. But they were intense and they were that focused and they were that professional. And we were not."


"They came out and they played like it was a big game for them. They pushed it at us more than they did the other game and caught us in transition. We have to communicate better and make sure we get to the shooters better. We got caught in the middle trying to find guys and not really talking tonight. You just have to try to control the ball more, control the drives to the basket, have weakside rotation. We have to rotate on the back side and find the shooters."


"You have to fight your instincts and really understand, when you have an advantage or an opportunity, you can bring extra focus to fight against complacency, instincts and feelings you might have. You see what the Warriors and Cavaliers are doing in other series. They're playing with an edge. They're going out there every day and pretty much sweeping every team they're facing. It's something to keep an eye on. We want to be the same way. It's interesting how the mind works."


"It's what they do. That shouldn't take us by surprise. When you turn over the ball and take bad shots, they run at you and they take 3s. You've got to give them credit. That's what they do. I think we gave them a lot of opportunities to score those 3s. We were not as attentive and responsive as we were two days ago. They make you pay. They had more energy, they had more anger because of what happened the previous game. They were more ready to play this game."

"Game 5 is a Game 7. We had a great opportunity today to go back to San Antonio 3-1 and in a better situation. Now it's 2-2. Game 7. We've really got to be knowing that every possession is a game-winning possession. They are going to make 3s in three straight possessions here and there. We've got to create situations where those 3s are not that open, we guard the one-on-ones better, and a lot of things."







17.05.05 @HOU (Game 3)

SAS 103 - 92 HOU  Box  (2-1)





"You can't replace Tony Parker. He's a Hall of Famer one day, but I think guys just came out with a sense of urgency and just played hard."


"We understand how much Tony means to this team. He brings a lot of poise, a lot of leadership. But an injury occurred and now you have to move on. You have to play with the guys that you have and you have to compete and bring it."


"I told coach, 'Don't be too nervous.'  I'm going to be fine."

"It's great opportunity to me at 20 years old. I get to grow right now. It's time to grow up."




"He did a good job, being thrown into the fire like that, starting on the road...He'll be better next game, for sure."



"He felt good tonight. He was loose as far as his physical nature, his legs and everything. He wasn’t too stiff. It showed. He moved up and down the court well. He was able to push off on the block, and he felt good shooting the ball, in addition to busting his butt on D and trying to get the boards for us. He was a big help tonight."


"I think he was aggressive and made shots early. We were looking for him tonight."


"I just felt good tonight. I was into it. I thought we did things to take advantage of the mismatches a little better tonight."

"Last game, I got more shots in. I saw that I was needed to do more. Tonight, I tried to do that. I tried to be more aggressive and make things happen. I know without TP, I was needed even more. So, I was just trying to make things happen tonight. You can’t replace Tony Parker; he’s a Hall of Famer one day. But I think guys came with that sense of urgency and played hard."