16.11.12 @HOU

SAS 106 - 100 HOU  Box







"He's a great point guard, very smart, knows where guys' spots are on the floor, and he's been here before. He knows what (Gregg Popovich) expects, and if one of us gets out of line or if we're doing well, he tells us. He just makes us better."


“He gets us organized. He hasn’t been with us much so far this season. The last stretch, he played 10- or 10-and-a-half minutes in a row. It’s just a stability factor on the perimeter. That was a big help.”


“He knows exactly what’s going on. Tony is our starting point guard, and he has owned the team for many years. We need him out there.”





"This is how the Spurs have been playing (for years). We make hard cuts, we move the ball, we try to get the best look, the open shot."


"We're starting to build chemistry for the future, for late in the season. I thought tonight was a good step in the right direction."


"We were not great after 4-0. We are not that terrible now. We've just got to keep building."


“We definitely played better today than we did a few days ago. We’re making progress, and that’s what it’s about.”









“They scored 100 points. We probably made some mistakes somewhere in there. You just keep working. Everybody keeps working. It doesn’t matter if you won or lost. There’s many, many things teams need to improve. But we competed well ... really well. We played a lot of guys, and they’re starting to figure each other out. That’s what we need. We have to build our culture back a little bit, so people know what’s going on out there on the court.”


“This is our first time having our full roster able to play, and being that it was on a back-to-back, I think we did a pretty good job tonight. In the fourth quarter we gave up 30 points. So we’ve still got some stuff to work on to keep that momentum going throughout the game. But overall I think we did pretty good.”


 “We’ve been playing much better on the road than we have at home. Hopefully we can come out with the same intensity and aggressiveness and continue to make progress. I think it’s important [to finally have the full team]. We had a little better balance. We’re moving the ball better. The first seven or eight games of the season, it was a lot of one-on-one, a lot of isolation. We were 19th or 20th in the league in assists. We’ve picked that up the last couple of games and it’s paid off. We have a lot of guys that can score, put the ball in the hole and make plays. Ball movement will be a huge point for us going forward.”