16.11.29 vsORL

ORL 95 - 83 SAS  Box






"It's the home games that have been bothering us. It's always tough to play on the road. We've just got to focus in as always."







"We got a little antsy because we were not scoring, and we've got a bunch of talented players who, in good faith, were trying to solve issues playing more one-on-one or trying to force all the way to the rim. Some games it's going to happen. Some others it's not, especially against a team with that type of size and good shot-blockers and presence in the paint. I think it was more about moving the ball better. With all that in consideration, I think we should have got at [Aldridge] a little more in the post. We didn't get anything in the first half good down there, and then we just forgot him. I think he could have given us some solutions when nothing was going on."


"I've been here a decent amount of time -- not as long as Manu [Ginobili] or Tony [Parker]. But I can't recall us losing four at the start of a season, not four back-to-back, but all losses are at home, which is very weird. It was a weird night, just couldn't get it going offensively. Sometimes, it happens that way. Defensively, I think we played pretty solid for the most part. We'll make some adjustments, but offensively, it's something we'll learn from."


"It's not like we're trying to lose games at home and then go on the road and get all of them. We understand the importance of each and every game, but I guess it's going to have to translate into better play at home especially."


"The team isn't bad. We're 14-4, so I'm not freaking out. But I think definitely it's something that can be fixed. We're still trying to figure out chemistry with Pau. I don't think we're getting everything out of him that he can bring. But he's trying to figure it out. I was the same way last year. It just takes time."