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16.12.08 @CHI

SAS 91 - 95 CHI  Box





"Our opponents have outplayed us physically and execute-wise in most first halves for most of the season, and somehow we pull it together in the second half and play harder and smarter than we did in the first half."

"We got it to four, then some execution mistakes. That's the disappointing part, that we're not a very consistent team and we haven't learned as a group the game is 48 minutes. We also have some people playing very poorly. You have to participate in your own recovery. Some players have to play better."

"Guys get a lot of money to be ready to play. If you're a basketball player, you come ready. It's called maturity. It's your job."




"I don't know what's going on."

"It's been almost the whole season. I don't know why we have slow starts. We just have to respond; everybody, individually and make sure we play for 48 minutes. Everybody has to do more to make sure we have good starts; make sure we bring more energy, more juice, and we have to get excited. You've got to want it at least the same as the other team."


“I think everybody is pretty frustrated. Obviously we have to do something to change it. We’ll see what happens.”

“It’s taking us a little bit of time to get in rhythm. I think it’s us trying to get used to other teams, instead of doing what we do. I think we’re sitting back and letting them do what they do and feeling them out, instead just playing our game.”

“We’re kind of adjusting to them. I think we should take a different approach.”


"Like any coach, he wanted us to play harder."

"He felt like we only played hard for 24 minutes in the game. We've just got to bring energy. We just want to play better, play hard, smart. It's not gonna just happen. There's gonna [have to] be some carryover going into two, three, four, five games and then gradually it becomes second nature."







"You could see it in our games. Sometimes our offense is stagnant, our defense isn't moving well or in our help positions."

"We have a big playbook on the offensive end. It's just hard to learn it. It was hard for me to learn it. I didn't get it down until probably my second or third year. We've just got to keep giving a consistent effort and being into the game and into our playbook and just keep moving from there."