16.12.20 @HOU

SAS 102 - 100 HOU  Box







“Just basketball. It was slipping out of my hand, I was dribbling off my toe, making the wrong pass. It’s just the game. That’s why you come back every game. It’s humbling.”






終盤はミルズ、ジノビリ、グリーンがスリーをしっかり決めてくれました。今シーズン、ミルズ(FG47.9% 3P43.0%)もグリーン(FG46.8% 3P44.0%)も好調をキープしてますし、ジノビリ(FG38.5% 3P40.5%)もスリーに関しては好調です。






“That was the best part of the whole game. They showed some toughness mentally as much as physically. We went down there at the end, and I think [the deficit] was 12 at one point. We could’ve just cashed it in."



“But they just kept working. The defense got a little bit better. The physicality got better. We got a break or two, made a couple of shots. But they never hung their heads. They just kept on pushing because in this game, it really is 48 minutes, and anything can happen in an NBA game. It takes forever."


“They did a good job against a team that’s just really, really difficult to guard. They and the Warriors probably are the two toughest teams to guard for all the obvious reasons, with their personnel and the systems they have. I was really happy with our stick-to-it-ness. We won by a couple of points. It doesn’t mean that we played any better than they did. We just made a shot or two down the stretch. But it was a really competitive game both ways.”


“This game had a playoff-type of feel to it tonight against a team that has a lot of momentum, that’s been playing great basketball.”


“This was a game of runs, and a game where both teams had their chances. I thought we made some great individual plays. Everybody contributed, and it truly was a 48-minute game tonight. Every last possession ended up counting. I thought we hung in there great. We played great basketball to finish the game. I’m just really, really proud of our guys; especially on the road. That’s a tough win to get and we got it.”


“I thought guys competed. It was a long game. It was up and down. I thought the guys stuck with it. They’re really a tough team to play against. They take a lot of 3s, make a lot of tough shots. Big-time win for us.”


“We got a break because they shot terribly. We did a pretty good job on contesting many of them, but they missed some open ones, too, and they usually don’t do that.”


“Today, I don’t think we played a great game. We fought hard. We stuck with it, and we ended up winning it. But I think we can play much better than that.”




16.12.20  @SLC  Full Game

AUS 103 -92 SLC  Box