16.12.25 vsCHI

CHI 100 - 119 SAS  Box






"Once you hit two or three, the basket just seems so big. So I was open and I was just shooting it."

"But tonight, I definitely didn't [expect this]. Some days, you wake up with extra energy, that extra juice. That wasn't today. It wasn't today. We got home at 4:30-5, and I was up at 9 a.m. doing Christmas with the family. I was scared I wouldn't have juice today. So I was happy that it went the opposite way."




"We're always happy when he catches and shoots, and doesn't think too much about if he's open at all."

"He's a great shooter. We like to have him shoot it, but he's also unselfish. So he wants to run what we're running and that kind of thing. I think he's starting to figure out that it's important for us for him to score."


"As long as we're pushing the pace and moving the ball, we're a hard team to guard."

"[Aldridge] brought the energy tonight on that level. He's aggressive every night. They're double teaming him, and he's kicking out. Tonight, he just got in a groove early and made every shot."


"Working with him gets me open. I pretty much have to work off him. I get excited when he gets the ball in the post. It's one of the few times I can get looks and get open, when they go to double him. When he's shooting the way he's shooting, it opens the floor for everybody, but especially me."


"I mean, when a player goes off like LaMarcus did today, it opened things up. It definitely creates an impact right away on the game. It didn't seem to change the coverage on him; it just allowed him to take those rhythm shots, and pretty open, too."

"And we just kept going at it, and he kept making them. So that's great. Great for us because it gives us a little cushion. So when they made their run, we still had room for reaction [to] get the control back of the game. I was happy to see that. It doesn't happen every game. So great for LaMarcus, and great for us."