17.01.23 @BKN

SAS 112 - 86 BKN  Box







"Everyone gets excited to be able to get the chance to get out there and play, but nothing changes."

"The game plan's still the same, what's expected of us is the same, so it's just that opportunity. But there is that excitement when we do it the right way, play the right way, share the ball and everyone does their little piece."



“We’re all professionals here. I’m a professional basketball player and I have to be ready when I’m called on. That’s just how it goes. I just try to stay focused, get in some extra work whenever I can to stay in a rhythm and just be ready to go.”




"Our depth is one of our strengths and everybody's ready to play, and of course Pop makes it very clear what he expects out of us out there, whether it's the first-team guys or the role players doing that."











"People ask me all the time, but there's absolutely no control from now until then, so there's nothing really to think about."

"My whole focus has been on this team, what I can do to help this team get back to being that last team standing, so everything else is really beside the point. We'll cross that bridge at the end of the season when we come to it; but for now, there's a lot of things on the plate before then."


"[San Antonio] has definitely been home for a number of years. That whole environment, that atmosphere, being able to develop my game on the floor, but then grow as a person, too. In the six seasons that I've been there I feel like I've grown as a man."

"The things that I've been able to learn from the coaches, just totally away from the basketball side of things, I don't think I would have learned anywhere else. Stuff like that, I haven't taken for granted; I've made the most of those situations. It [San Antonio] has been home. I still feel like I'm growing each game, and each season."