17.01.29 vsDAL

DAL 105 - 101 SAS  Box






The first game at home is always the toughest one. Your body is still tired, and your mental clock is trying to reset. We’ve got to focus on trying to get that first one and then go from there.”


"Probably. But it's not an excuse. We were in the game. We were up nine or 10 points at halftime, and we gave it away."




"Too many mental errors defensively. I thought we did a really poor job discipline-wise. Weak-side defense wasn't there. [Harrison] Barnes did a great job. Nobody seemed to be able to guard him. Perhaps I should've gone after him earlier. But I thought we'd be able to guard him, and we weren't. Too many weak-side errors defensively where they got to the rim just too easily.

"I know we scored points. I know we got 100 points, that's fine. But the mental mistakes defensively were really costly."


"Our defense was pretty poor; mainly, communication. We were always late."

"Too many missed communications. Somebody thought it was switch. The other one thought it was stay. We were not as attentive as previous games. Pretty poor game. Also, in third quarters, we are struggling, and they made a good run. We went in at halftime up by 10. It wasn't bad. Then, third quarter, we just couldn't make stops. We were flat. Exactly the same thing that happened in New Orleans [during Friday's loss]. Again, very poor performance."


"The last couple of games, I thought we came out with pretty decent energy, pretty good focus."

"Usually, we're a better second-half team than first-half team. But the last couple of games, defensively and offensively, we haven't been playing as well. I think it has to do with the mental lapses, and also physical. But mentally, we're making simple, easy mistakes that can be fixed. Mental fatigue plays a big part in it."






17.01.29 vsLAD  Full Game

LAD 132 - 104 AUS  Box