17.02.15 @ORL

SAS 107- 79 ORL  Box



"I work hard and I get in the gym, so I'm not worried about not working hard. It just happens, but I stuck with it and played more comfortable tonight."

"For sure, especially when I miss the easy ones. I make the first couple and then I start playing like myself and start taking shots that I take. Tonight I looked more like myself."



"I thought he did a great job of when he was open, just letting it fly. Not hesitating or thinking twice about it. Once you hit a couple jumpers, it opens up the rest of your game."


"He just played off instinct, which is important for a lot of guys but especially him. We need him to be who he is and not be someone else."


"That's the goal of every team whether you've got the worst record or the best record. Golden State's still trying to get more consistent, which is a scary thought. But it's your team defense, your transition defense, rebounding, taking care of the basketball, getting more uncontested shots. There are all kinds of areas in a game where you get consistency. In a lot of games, one more wide-open shot, one-less turnover, making a free throw ... all those areas you're just trying to get more and more perfect all the time. That's what we're all trying to do."

"The teams that are a little bit more disciplined, or maybe make fewer errors the last three minutes of the fourth quarter, probably end up doing a little bit better. I am sure there are things we can improve on, and that is the name of the game, just trying to get as disciplined and habitual as you can be when it comes playoff time. That is what we are trying to do. It doesn't matter who you play."