17.02.24 @LAC

SAS 105 - 97 LAC  Box




"I felt pretty comfortable. I worked out. I came to L.A. early and got in two extra workouts before the team got here. I tested it. I feel more comfortable and more confident with my hand. I was able to play pretty normal. My timing is still not great. It’s not 100 percent, but I’ll get there."




"First game after the (All-Star) break is usually hard for everybody. We reacted very well. We had a good run. It was great to see the team reacting well."



"It was fun. My team did a good job of getting the lead. I was just waiting, trying to stay ready until my turn was called."

"We're coming down to our last 20 games. This is the time we need to jell as a team, make our playoff push, make our weaknesses strong."



"I think that's important for any team, that the team still functions and is successful regardless of the best player not being out there. So we don't have to depend on Kawhi all the time."


"They did a great job [in Leonard’s absence]. The bench was really solid. I think we only turned it over four times in the second half. So we took care of the ball much better than we did in the first half. They just held together. It’s a 48-minute game. You just keep playing. You never know what’s going to happen."






"That’s actually one of the point guards who I take some game from outside of Tony Parker. I watch Russell Westbrook, but I watch Chris Paul the most."

"He said watch every single play. He knows where everyone is going to be at all times. He knows the defense. He knows the offense. He knows everything."


"Educating himself, looking around, seeing what good players do, what their style is, and it’ll help him develop his game. He’s got to be himself obviously, but he can add to his game. Somebody like Chris Paul, who is so clever and so competitive, is a good person for him to watch."


"Dejounte has got a lot more time to ease into this. Tony came and I was giving him the basketball after four games I believe. … It was his ball and he was going to run the team. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to coddle him."

"He’s not going to get all the minutes he wants with Patty (Mills) and Tony here at this point. His future is going to be bright, but everything he can do right now to better his game is important. Right now, watching those guys is a big part of that."


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