17.03.18 @MEM

SAS 96 - 104 MEM  Box





"We made too many mistakes to win the basketball game. So we have to be sharper, sharper in execution both offensively and defensively. We didn't look like we were in great sync, and I thought they played very well."


"We were always like one step behind. I don't know what it was. For sure, we didn't play well. This is the second time we didn't play well here at all, so it can't be coincidence only. They are a tough team.They are physical. They got us out of our comfort zone. We give them credit, for sure, but at the same time we were not that lucid."

"It's the West. It's been a while since we've had an easy one in the playoffs. We have to be ready and realize that whoever we play, it's going to be tough. But that's not what worries us. We just want to get better, play better, more consistently. That's what we are going to focus on, not who we are going to play in the playoffs."


"They definitely presented some challenges. They are one of the better defensive teams in the league and they put pressure on you. They play physical. We've just got to find a better flow offensively and be able to counter that aggressiveness and find ways to be effective regardless. Right now, we're just a little sloppy."





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