17.03.19 vsSAC

SAC 102 - 118 SAS  Box







"You've got to get into a flow. Like, if you look at Memphis last night, I thought they were great. They were together. They've got all their guys. They executed really well on both ends of the court. That's what you're gonna get for playoff time. They look like they're ready to go."


"Too many defensive errors. It's got nothing to do with what the other team is doing, just basic defensive errors through lack of communication way too many times. And on offense, not enough good decisions, not enough (passing to go from) good-to-great (shots), not enough movement. That's all got to improve by the time playoffs begin."





"I'm really disappointed at all the injuries because he's never been able to get a consistent run. When he did have that one period when he was consistent, he was playing great defense for us and keeping the team together; really making good decisions on what we needed to be doing offensively, you know on the pace of the game and that sort of thing. Then as the injuries started coming, he (has) starts and stops and starts and stops. He hasn't been able to get his rhythm back. That's why we're playing him (against Sacramento) on a back-to-back. We'll limit his minutes, but he's got to get out there and keep playing now down the stretch, and get back into a groove for us with the other players."


"Tonight, he was really aggressive. He was effective. He made plays for himself, getting into the lane. But he also was able to kick it out, make plays for others, and make key passes for our teammates. It was great to see."


"It's great. He us gets easy shots, wide-open looks. He just makes it easier for all of us."


"I need to get back into shape. Too much rest can go against me sometimes. That’s why I told Pop I wanted to be out there and get a rhythm, because the playoffs they’re coming real fast."






17.03.19 @FWN  Full Game
AUS 110 - 88 FWN  Box