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17.03.29 vsGSW

GSW 110 - 98 SAS  Box









"We made shots. I thought they were a little sloppy defensively. But they got it back, certainly."

"All their switching bothered us. We didn't get great movement. We didn't get great shots. That's why they're the best team in the league."


"It's the NBA. You can't dwell on any of them. You learn from it and move forward, be more professional, and try to get better. In the past that's where Timmy was good for us, or teams in the past just collectively. We wouldn't let things like that happen. It might happen, but rarely. But I think it's happened more often than it should here at this time and this year.

"I wouldn't say it was a wake-up call. We knew what was at stake. We knew what we had to do. We did it. We just didn't do it for 48 minutes."

"(if) you don't communicate defensively, they're going to get a bucket, and a lot of times it's going to be a 3, which hurts. We've got to do a better job of scrambling, talking, communicating. As veterans, we've got to do a better job of leading, and learn how to finish teams off, learn how to continue to stay professional and play 48 minutes, and not let teams back in it and not let them get any light. We've gotten some leads and blown them a couple of times just by sloppy play."

"Hopefully we get a chance to play them again in the future. That would be good."


"Just the same that I've been seeing for probably about the past few weeks. Just double screening the ball, pick and roll, coming help side on my isolations. They did a great job showing hands and crowding."


"I thought we got passive, and kind of settled a little bit. The Game 1 versus them was so long ago, but I felt like we didn't settle as much. I thought we still attacked and tried to make things happen. I thought tonight we kind of settled a little bit."

"Defensively, we just made too many mistakes. I think the hot start kind of got us going. But then they picked it up, and we should have made (fewer) mistakes. This team is good. They're going to make shots. They're not going to give up. I thought we made too many mistakes to let them back in the game. In the first quarter, the ball was moving, and guys were getting shots. I think as the game went on, we kind of went stagnant. When they switched stuff, we just kind of just gave into it. We didn't move the ball and make them keep guarding."




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