17.04.10 @POR

SAS 98 - 99 POR  Box






"Oh yeah, yeah. Everybody’s just trying to sharpen up as much as possible before the playoffs. There’s always some good, always some bad to work on."

"The playoffs are a lot more physical, and the aggressive team is gonna get the calls. If you’re not aggressive, you just fall by the wayside. They can’t call everything. So if you’re physical, it just works out better. If you’re just walking around and all of the sudden you hit somebody, it’s pretty noticeable."

"We’ve always only had one goal. That’s to be the best we can be by playoff time. We’ve never had any goals about winning games, or this, that or the other during the season; just try to keep improving and be the best you can be by the time the playoffs come. It’s never changed."


"A lot of times, you’re never really there mentally (satisfied). You’re never satisfied with it. There were times in the past where we knew. Like, we were clicking, we were playing pretty good basketball and we had a good shot. We still think we have a good shot. But we don’t think that we’re mentally ready. Our focus, I don’t think we feel like we’re there, like we’re where we want to be."


"I think we’re focusing on different ways, and I think that’s been our mindset the last couple of games. The playoffs are a different beast, and then we need to be able to adjust on the fly, and that’s what we’ve been doing, testing things out. Different adjustments throughout the game. Memphis especially is very physical. So we need to be ready if things change or the game plan changes. That’s what the playoffs are all about."