17.04.15 vsMEM (Game 1)

MEM 82 - 111 SAS  Box  (1-0)





"I thought we did a good job defensively. I thought they made a couple of tough shots. We made a couple mistakes. They took advantage of it. The best part was the team keeping their composure, not going off in different directions, and just trying to do what we planned to do execution-wise at both ends. I thought we got better as the game went on."



"It wasn't just me. Patty (Mills) did a great job on him (and so did) Kawhi, Tony (Parker). We had different spurts on him, threw different looks at him. Try to wear him down a little bit. We have a lot of good defenders around here."



"That's what star players do. It's the playoffs, he stepped up. He made a lot of great plays for us. He's a very determined individual. He's just beginning to come into his own and realizing the effect he has on a game on both ends of the court."


"Kawhi is our main guy. He's been playing great this year, MVP level. He's been aggressive every game. If we want to go anywhere in the playoffs, he's going to have to perform at that level every game."



"He's gotten back in shape as we said over the last couple of weeks. He's done a great job in the weight room and on the court just trying to get his wind back. I thought he felt pretty confident tonight, and we love when he starts out defensively and taking pride in that. I thought he did a good job."


"Him being aggressive and knocking down shots and just penetrating, and getting the defense to get an extra guy to go to him is big for us. Not just me, but everybody. He gets us open shots."


"I think so, not just offensively but defensively. I think he turned it up a notch, did a great job of being into guys, pressuring them, making them do something different, making his presence felt. On offense, he’s always good for his penetration, finding guys, hit a couple 3s, got into the paint on transition, pushed the pace, controlled the tempo and defensively he held his own for us."


"I started to get a rhythm, tried to pressure Conley in the first half and tried to make it hard on him, tried to stay in front of him. So it definitely got my legs going. Offensively, I was aggressive."


"I don't know about that. I don't really read to be honest. I've got two kids, a lot of work. I don't have time. The only reason I know is because of you guys, because you bring it up. If not, I would have no idea because I'm home. I'm up at 6, get the kids, bring them to school, bring them back. I don't have time for that."