17.04.17 vsMEM (Game 2)

MEM 82 - 96 SAS  Box  (2-0)





"Our offense went in the toilet because of (the Grizzlies’) great defense. And we were in trouble. We had more turnovers than assists tonight because of that period where they played great (defense) and we were in mud. The ball stopped moving and it was one-on-one, dribble, dribble, dribble, that kind of thing. (The Grizzlies) took advantage of it and got back in the game, did a great job. But, overall, they made a great run and we did a good job withstanding their run and coming back with good defense in the fourth."


"They came out in the third quarter and bullied us and punked us and played great defense that got us on our heels a bit – cracking us, real physical with us; hitting us on cuts and screens and all of that. That’s the way they like to play, and we always know that it’s going to come. We got hit on the chin tonight but it’s going to be even more aggressive and physical play in their building. So, we’ve got to find ways to counter that."



"He's kind of taken note of how teams are playing him defensively, and how to get to the line that way. Then the defense has got to make up their mind on how to play him. If they play not to foul, then it opens up lanes for him."

"It's not that big of a skill, but it makes a huge difference. James Harden is great at it. Kevin Durant is great at it. Kawhi is getting great at it too."


"He's playing at the highest level. He's getting to the line, making plays, making big shots. He's playing great."

"Figured out how to catch guys with their hand in the air and plant them the wrong way, kind of like James Harden does."