17.04.20 @MEM (Game 3)

SAS 94 - 105 MEM  Box  (2-1)





"I was just trying to find a little bit of juice, a little bit of activity with the second group. And give those (starters) a little bit of time to reflect."


"They started to feel more confident. The crowd got into it. Pop got upset with the guys starting the quarter, sat them, and the whole momentum changed. In playoff games, especially on the road, a two-minute mental 'something' can become a 10-point deficit. That's what happened. We were in good shape at the half. Not playing well, not shooting great, down four on the road, and it was a good situation. It was OK for us. We had that moment there in which the whole game changed. I guess he wanted to point out that it was not the right approach to start a third quarter."


"Overall, it was hard for everybody to get a rhythm because getting in and out, subs, stuff like that. It's tough, but no excuse. We have to play better in Game 4 and come back strong."




"Yeah, I was (shocked). It's not the first time that Pop did something like that. But I guess he thought it was a lesson to be taught and learned in that situation, and he pulled them out."


"We turned it over twice to start the minute like we were out on a picnic some place. I don't know. Those two turnovers, and then the mistake defensively where Marc got the 3-pointer at the top, and all of a sudden, it was a nine-point game. I thought at that point, we lost a little bit of composure and a little bit of confidence, and the rest ensued."


"(Popovich was) just disappointed in the last couple plays. So I guess he thought that we all should come out at the game at that time, and see if that second unit had more energy."

"That's what type of coach (Popovich) is. He wants us to understand what's going on on the floor, and how important the opportunity is for us."