17.04.25 vsMEM (Game 5)

MEM 103 - 116 SAS  Box  (3-2)





"That energy that we all brought off the bench is what we need to be able to do to help Kawhi, to help LaMarcus and lift pressure off them because they're doing a hell of a job. They're busting their behinds to help the team and we need to lift our weight as well. What we did tonight on both ends of the floor, as a bench group, is what we need; an aggressive mindset on the offensive end, getting into the paint, moving the ball, finding open shooters. On the defensive end, playing physical, getting up into them, and out of their rhythm. I thought we did that tonight."


"He was incredible, he finished the game. He made four 3s in the fourth, tough ones, quick release. Sometimes you need something like that from somebody. Sometimes it's going to be him, sometimes it's Kawhi, more often. It's good to have a team that deep."



"You try to isolate. It's not that I read, but I know how my games have been. There are games like Game 3 and 4, the ones we lost. You're a little harder on yourself because you know the team needed you more. It was tough. I'd never been through a four-game slump like that. It was great today to feel important, to feel useful. I needed one like this. I was feeling good. I don't know what was the difference. I guess I relaxed a little more. I said I didn't care if I was in a slump or made shots or not. It's not like the team needs me to score to win."


"He brought that grandpa juice, (which) is what I call it, and we all followed. It's inspiring. We shouldn't wait for him to do that before we get into gear. But it really is inspiring when you see him dive on the ball, putting his body on the line, hard drives, hard cuts. It gets us all going. We shouldn't need that to get going, but he's a hell of a player, hell of a competitor. It trickles down, and we feed on it for sure."


"Manu was fantastic. He felt good. Obviously, he scored. You know he’s got a huge heart, and he has a huge effect on our team when he’s healthy. And having a good night, starting out the way he did, was really a big boost."




"I’m trying to be the best team in the world right now. It’s not about me. It’s about the Spurs, and that’s all I want to do."