17.05.11 @HOU (Game 6)

SAS 114 - 75 HOU  Box  (4-2)





"Well, you know, he’s been like that through these first two rounds. He’s really turned it on, demanded the ball, got in good position using his body, and not always settling for a jumper. (He got) to the rim, did a really good job."


"I just touched it a little bit more tonight so I had a chance to figure it out. I was trying to be more dominant down there. So I was willing to take some contested shots tonight, and got into my rhythm early. After that, I was good to go."


"He really performed at a high level at both ends. I’m very happy for him, because he’s been working hard all year."


"He had an opportunity to get more minutes and really performed at a high level at both ends. I’m very happy for him because he’s been working hard all year. He will continue to get the opportunity in the next series because this opponent we’re about to face (Golden State) also likes to play small and with more of a versatile, dynamic lineup."


"Just be solid and communicate between the five of us on the court. It was mostly the four guys behind me that helped me, that talked to me and we were able come together and we were on a string tonight. Coach said it: He’d never seen us moving like that and there was a lot of truth to that. It was a big team effort. We were ready to get this series over and we just showed it tonight."






"We are better prepared for Golden State than we were for Houston coming from Memphis. They (Rockets and Warriors) are kind of similar. Of course, Golden State’s got way more talent and more players that can play that style of game. Here (with the Rockets), it was Harden the main guy. … Then with (the Warriors’) Klay, Stephen, Durant, it is hard. You have to guard everybody.”


"We understand the team we’re facing is the most dangerous in the league, with a lot of weapons. The challenges they present in some ways are similar to Houston in the ability to score the ball, shoot the ball from the 3-point line. It’s just they have a better defensive team and different personnel."


"The Warriors are a fast-paced team that likes to get up and down and shoot a lot of perimeter 3s. We have to communicate even better and get a little more perfect. It doesn’t get any easier, but we’ve showed we’ve got enough here to get the job done."