17.05.14 @GSW (Game 1)

SAS 111 - 113 GSW  Box  (0-1)






"I'm not sure, just very painful because I tweaked it before and the last time, the last shot I shot. It's just hard to tell right now. I definitely couldn't go in last, third quarter, the six minutes. But we'll see how I get better each day."


"Did he step under it? Like on purpose? No, he was contesting the shot, the shot clock was coming down. I'll have to see the play."


"I feel good. I'll get back healthy. I have faith in my teammates and we're going to see what happens Game 2." 


"We'll see tomorrow and the next day to see how I'm feeling."





"We had it where we wanted it, but unfortunately it slipped away. Now we’ve got to think of Game 2 now. It was hard to see Kawhi go out. He was having a heckuva game for us. It’s a big challenge for us (to play without Parker and potentially Leonard). Tony is a great leader with a lot of experience on this stage, a guy that knows how to get it done and our point guard. Then you’ve got Kawhi, who is one of the best players on the planet."

"But we can’t change those things. We hope Kawhi can play whenever he can play and help us, and we know Tony won’t be able to help us. We can’t really control those factors. So we’ll just try to stay together and compete with the tools that we do have. We have a very deep team, a talented team. We’ll go out there and do that."



"Of course, it’s going to be tough. He’s our leading scorer and our go-to guy. But guys have to step up and try to take some of that load and try to be better out there. It’s about defense right now: got to play better defense, make (fewer) mistakes, and we’ll be good."


"We need Kawhi to create, to score. It means a lot to this team, and we were doing really well. When he went down, the Warriors were starting to pick up, to feel good about themselves, to increase the pressure on everybody else, and that’s when we struggled, because we couldn’t have the guy that we run those plays and get them off their pressure."

"So, yeah, we struggled a lot without him, and it’s a tough break. He’s coming from an injury on that ankle, and he tweaked it twice in the last minute he played, so we couldn’t react to his absence."



"We made too many mistakes. Play a team like that, can’t make the mistakes we made. I thought the rebounding really hurt us, as is evidenced by the last -- I think it was Kevin that finally made it, or was it Klay? He shot the 3, then got the rebound back and shot another one, and the third one finally went down. It was huge, but it was kind of indicative of what kind of mistakes we might have made. Tough loss, great opportunity, and we let it slip away."


これでズルズル負けてあの怪我がなければ... なんて後から言いたくもないので。ただただ勝ってほしいというそれだけの思いです。