17.05.21 vsGSW (Game 3)

GSW 120 - 108 SAS  Box  (0-3)






"I thought they did a great job. They competed really well. Couldn't ask any more from them, competitiveness-wise. We turned it over. Kevin Durant had his way for a period there in transition. But the competitiveness was great. Every time you look up, you're playing against four All-Stars, so you better be pretty perfect, and competitiveness-wise, I couldn't ask for anything more. We turned it over too much, and we've got to make some more shots. But it's a helluva team."


"I tried my best and they still doubled and clogged from the elbow, tried to make things difficult. I tried to pick my spots to take my shots, even if it was a tough shot. They keyed on some things and made things tough out there."


"I was pretty sure that the competitive edge was going to be there. Game 2 was a tough one, for multiple reasons. We all know why. We all knew we were going to be able to bounce back today, at least emotionally, and play a better game. The fact is that it’s just too tough. We are missing Kawhi’s offense and defense in this series, and, of course, Tony."

"For us to win, we have to play at a 10 level and they have to play at a 7. And, we have to try to make them play at a 7, and play our best game. We know it’s going to be very tough. We don’t know what’s going to happen with Kawhi. So, we have to be out there, compete, feel good about yourself, give everything you have, and if it’s enough, great. And, if it’s not, great, too. You shake their hands and wish them good luck. You go home, hug your kids again, wake up the following morning and life goes on."


"We’re not giving up, this group. I believe in my guys. I'll go to battle with these guys any day. We don’t wave any white flags here. We’ve got them right where we want them."